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Erotic Quote

At Velvet Massage, sensuality is a performance. An erotic exploration of every body curve. A beautiful dance that ends in complete relaxation and total fulfilment. The soothing touch of a human hand can bring untold delights and reveal a whole new perspective on life, love and sensuality.

Experience the warm oils and gentle administrations of a highly qualified and attentive masseuse who can help you reach a state of deep and sensual relaxation. At Velvet Massage we create the perfect environment for discerning men, women and couples to enjoy the ultimate tactile experience with a choice of young, talented male and female masseuses who are fully trained in the art of erotic massage.

Erotic massage has been practiced for thousands of years, dating way back to the Egyptian and Roman times and is epitomized by ancient scripts such as the Kama Sutra. Your skin is home to 100s of receptors per square inch and the sensuality of a deep and personal massage not only brings intense relaxation to your muscles but energizes your thoughts and soothes your soul for many hours and even days afterwards.

Best Massage

With the help of the finest oils and the attentive, gentle touch of our masseuses, your mind and body will be transported to a different level. All our masseuse are highly skilled, putting their clients ahead of everything else to deliver an experience that is simply out of this world. They are fully qualified in the art of erotic massage and take pride in making sure that customers leave feeling relaxed and recharged, ready to face what the world sends their way.

We provide the ultimate in intimate relaxation for our clients and our masseuses are carefully selected for their massaging skills, their looks and also their personalities. They love their work and they care deeply about the service they provide.

At Velvet Massage we offer a range of different massages that are designed to suit all our client’s needs including body to body and multiple masseuses. Whether you are male, female or a couple and want to explore the pleasure and sensuality of a personal massage, we have everything for an experience that will leave you refreshed and at one with the world.

Had a busy day? Need to wash away your troubles? Simply want the touch and sensuality of a qualified erotic massage therapist? Enjoy a sensual massage performed by beautiful therapists in the heart of London. Book your therapist here.